Designed for aspiring makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts seeking to elevate their skills to the next level, our Professional Masterclass offers a comprehensive and immersive learning experience led by industry-leading experts.


  1. Advanced Techniques: Delve deep into advanced makeup techniques and artistry, covering everything from editorial looks to avant-garde creations. Learn the latest trends and innovative approaches that set you apart in the competitive world of beauty.

  2. Portfolio Building: Hone your craft and expand your portfolio with hands-on practice under the guidance of seasoned professionals. Gain invaluable experience working on a variety of models and mastering diverse makeup styles.

  3. Industry Insights: Benefit from insider knowledge and industry insights shared by our experienced instructors, who bring years of expertise from the forefront of the beauty industry. Learn about industry trends, client management, and building a successful career as a makeup artist.

  4. Professional Development: Enhance your professional skills with modules on business fundamentals, marketing strategies, and branding techniques. Gain the confidence and know-how to thrive as a freelance makeup artist or establish your own beauty business.

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